Duncklee & Dunham was incorporated in 1996 to provide the highest quality and most responsive environmental services a consultant can offer. We strive continuously to meet this objective. Our ability to provide high-quality and responsive services is evidenced by our high percentage of repeat clients. Many of our current clients have relied on our staff since the 1980’s. With a staff of 21 highly experienced and specialized professionals, our Small Business Enterprise has conducted environmental projects in all 50 states for clients that range in size from small, privately owned companies, local municipalities, and law firms to Fortune 500 corporations.

Based in the Raleigh suburb of Cary, North Carolina, Duncklee & Dunham is licensed in North Carolina as a Professional Corporation for the practice of geology by the North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists and for the practice of engineering by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers & Surveyors. Furthermore, Duncklee & Dunham is a Registered Environmental Consultant (REC) with the Superfund Section, Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) and employs three Registered Site Managers (RSMs). As an REC, Duncklee & Dunham is certified by NCDENR to prepare and implement voluntary assessment and remediation contracts. Each of our three RSMs has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience.

There are many options when choosing an environmental and engineering consulting firm. The large national and international firms with offices across the globe often primarily focus on ‘making their numbers,’ while lacking any sort of personal touch with their clients. Duncklee & Dunham is not one of those corporations, and our dedicated professionals are tasked with working alongside you to solve your environmental problems first and foremost. If you are searching for a regional firm that is both focused and innovative in meeting the needs of its clients, then that firm is Duncklee & Dunham.


— In the 1990’s, our firm was among the first to obtain EPA and state approval of Remedial Action Plans that utilized monitored natural attenuation processes. Today, we use real-time, high-density sampling methods prior to remediation to overcome the inherent complexities caused by contaminant plume and matrix heterogeneity. Simply put, better assessment data lead to lower remediation costs.

Staff Experience and Training

— Our staff’s experience assisting clients with federal and state RCRA, CERCLA and environmental compliance requirements is superior. Nine of our 17 employees have over 20 years of experience in the environmental field and two are former regulatory officials. All of our employees have a bachelor’s degree in their field of expertise and 43% of our staff holds a Master’s Degree or higher academic credential. Weekly staff meetings with this talented team include technical training sessions on innovative technologies, regulatory updates, and health and safety topics. All written documents undergo two levels of peer review by a senior professional and a technical expert prior to issuance. Our open floor plan and integrated office atmosphere facilitates staff collaboration and innovation.

Giving Back to the Community

— In 2007 and 2008, Duncklee & Dunham provided public-awareness services to an industrial client.  The client was identified as the party responsible for the presence of volatile organic compounds in a shallow aquifer.  Duncklee & Dunham identified the locations of the wells in the area that may had been affected, sought permission from the residents to sample these wells, met with residents, and provided each with the results through written correspondence.  Duncklee & Dunham organized the delivery of bottled water to each residence with contamination above applicable standards and made personal contact with each resident to facilitate positive communication.  All residents were encouraged to ask questions of the Duncklee & Dunham project manager, who served as the point of contact to convey pertinent information to the residents.  Finally, on behalf of the client, Duncklee & Dunham organized a community meeting with residents in the affected area. We provided notifications to the residents and facilitated a successful community meeting where we used visual aids and oral presentations to provide accurate details on current conditions and long-term solutions to the residents. Representatives from the NCDENR and the county health department also attended the meeting.

— Our employees are active in state and national professional organizations. We routinely meet with geology and engineering students at universities across North Carolina, donate time and resources to local charities and churches, provided supplies for water-well installations in Haiti, coach local youth teams, and organize professional meetings and conferences for the benefit of the profession. One of our employees serves as the Chair of the North Carolina Board for the Licensing of Geologists as the representative for the consulting industry.  Our Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) is available for download below.