Dave Duncklee, PG, RSM; Don Malone, PE, RSM; and Matt Flinchum, PG, RSM attended the REC Program Update Meeting and Training session hosted by the Department of Environmental Quality’s REC Program staff within the Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch (IHSB).  Dave, Don and Matt are registered site managers (RSMs) with the IHSB and Duncklee & Dunham is a Registered Environmental Consultant (REC) with the IHSB.  RSMs are key persons approved by DEQ to manage all site activities and make certifications related to these activities in the place of DEQ review and approval.  The meeting was attended by several other RSMs in the industry and included group discussions on a variety of regulatory and environmental compliance issues in North Carolina including the REC Rule revision and re-adoption process.  Dave Duncklee was selected by DEQ to be a member of the REC-Rule Revision Working Group who will be meeting regularly with DEQ to develop draft REC-rule revisions.  More information about the REC Program and the rule-revision and readoption process can be found by clicking the image or link provided below.