Alternate Water Supply

Our experience providing alternate water supplies ranges from the design and installation of treatment systems to the installation of replacement water-supply wells. In addition to these technical services, we are also experienced in meeting with local residents whose wells have been impacted to explain the actions our client is taking. We commonly provide bottled water to users as an interim measure.

For example, Duncklee & Dunham provided public-awareness services to a local group of residents for our industrial client. The client was identified as the party responsible for the presence of volatile organic compounds in water from several residential water-supply wells.  Duncklee & Dunham identified the locations of the wells in the area, sought permission from the residents to sample the wells, met with the residents, and provided each with the results through written correspondence.

Next, we organized the delivery of bottled water to each residence with whose water exhibited contaminants above applicable standards and made personal contact with each user to facilitate positive communication.  We encouraged all residents to present questions to our project manager, who served as the point of contact to convey pertinent information to the residents.

Finally, on behalf of the client, Duncklee & Dunham organized a community meeting with residents.  We provided notifications to the residents and facilitated a successful community meeting where we used visual aids and a presentation to provide details on current conditions and long-term solutions to the residents.  Representatives from the NCDENR and county health department also attended the meeting. Next, we submitted water-line installation agreements to connect residences to the city water supply.

For a site in Maryland we designed whole-house, point-of-entry water-treatment systems for several residences whose wells had been impacted by dissolved nitrate and pesticides.  Here, too, we coordinated with bottled-water suppliers to provide temporary, alternate, water supplies to impacted properties prior to establishing a permanent alternative.  We provided these services as negotiations and litigation proceeded regarding the impacts of the contaminant plume.