Superfund (CERCLA) Response Actions

Duncklee & Dunham offers proven Superfund remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) services in addition to experience with the many now-well-established state-lead voluntary cleanups. Our senior staff has authored seven major RI/FS work plans and reports. Six of these seven work plans were for sites regulated by US EPA Region 4.

One of our projects involved the implementation of a Unilateral Administrative Order and Remedial Work Plan issued by Region 3 of EPA for a facility in Pulaski, Virginia. The firm worked for the property owner in a Response Action involving the removal of hazardous substances, including PCBs, and asbestos, in conjunction with the demolition and salvage of site structures. Our scope of services provided in the Response Action included ambient air monitoring, assessment of environmental media (sediment, soil, surface water), supervision of waste and demolition debris removal, building cleanout activities, and design and implementation of wastewater and stormwater treatment facilities. Our staff interacted with EPA Region 3 and their oversight contractor on a daily basis during our scope of services.

Duncklee & Dunham currently manages two sites in accordance with administrative agreements (AA’s) entered into with the NCDENR Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch (IHSB) under the Registered Environmental Consultant (REC) program. The firm has three Registered Site Managers (RSMs) on staff. At least one RSM attends every NCDENR technical training session held in Raleigh. Periodic meetings are held between the RSMs and company principals to review the latest information regarding procedures, changes to guidelines, and newly issued remedial goal levels for soil and groundwater.