Compliance Audits

ISO 14001 is an internationally-accepted specification for an Environmental Management System (EMS). It specifies requirements to establish an environmental policy, determine environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, plan environmental objectives and measurable targets, implement and operate programs to meet objectives and targets, corrective action, and management review.

Our senior engineering staff has experience in conducting comprehensive compliance audits to assist facilities in the development of an EMS for ISO 14001 certification. We have also conducted non-ISO audits tailored to a facility’s internal environmental policies. Our audits focus on identifying current environmental issues as they relate to local, state, and federal environmental regulations, and on developing strategies for future production planning to maintain compliance with these regulations.

Our compliance audit experience includes a comprehensive, multi-media review of a major university in the University of North Carolina system. This audit followed the US EPA’s self-audit policy as published in Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations, Volume 65, Number 70, Federal Register 19618, April 11, 2000, and used the concepts of an effective EMS. The results of this audit were used by the university to perform a gap analysis on areas deemed deficient or requiring additional attention. By conducting the audit under the EPA’s self-audit policy, the university was able to disclose and correct compliance violations through systematic discovery and thereby was not subjected to economic and gravity-based penalties from EPA.

Our staff experience also includes conducting pollution-prevention studies at military bases in North Carolina to identify waste-generating areas and develop strategies for waste minimization. These studies have been used by the bases to meet federal initiatives for pollution prevention and waste minimization. In addition to compliance auditing, we have experience in SARA Title III reporting (Tier I and II), and preparation of risk management plans for industrial clients. Compliance audit services include regulatory auditing, permitting, and compliance assessments for all environmental media, including federal and state regulations in support of ISO 14000 Registration and EPA’s Self-Audit Incentive Programs.