Landfill services provided by Duncklee & Dunham range from performing periodic groundwater monitoring to expert witness testimony regarding the migration of groundwater or methane gas plumes. Mr. Duncklee has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony preparation for such a case against a major North Carolina municipality. In this case, a groundwater plume of inorganic and volatile organic compounds had migrated from a landfill cell to an adjoining property. In addition, a plume of methane gas had migrated from the landfill. For another North Carolina landfill, Mr. Duncklee prepared an RI/FS Work Plan for a groundwater investigation under the National Contingency Plan.

The Pre-Regulatory Landfill (PRLF) Unit of NCDENR’s Superfund Section is systematically assessing and remediating landfills closed prior to 1983, when waste disposal permitting regulations commenced. This work is conducted with the $2/ton fee added on municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris disposed in North Carolina or transferred out of state for disposal.

DENR has environmental contractors working on assessment and remediation of approximately 700 known PRLFs. However, the PRLF guidance states that a municipality may conduct assessment prior to the time that their landfill would be addressed under the program’s contractors and then apply for reimbursement from the program’s funding.