Duncklee & Dunham conducts (Lead Based Paint) LBP surveys, collecting paint samples from various painted surfaces within buildings (e.g., walls, wood soffits, trim, door frames) to be analyzed for lead concentration.  Our Risk Assessments provide recommendations for management of the identified LBP in structures, and cost estimates for abatement.  We also provide LBP Remediation Design Specifications that contain detailed information on the removal, encapsulation, and/or enclosure of the LBP.  Our services include oversight of the abatement activities, conduct of final visual inspections, and collection of wipe and air samples prior to re-occupancy.  Duncklee & Dunham also provides area monitoring for lead exposure during contractor activities that will disturb LBP.

Lead paint and exposure unfortunately is a growing problem with aging infrastructures around the world.  Raymond Childress heads our industrial hygiene program and Jayson Kilcoyne is a lead-based Paint Inspector and Risk Assessor in the state of North Carolina.  He developed and manages the corporate QA/QC Program for Field Operations and is also a member of the company’s industrial hygiene program.  We have conducted countless successful lead risk assessments from the corporate sector to residential households.  For more information regarding these services please contact our senior industrial hygienist Raymond Childress for more information.