Wastewater Management

Our staff is experienced in wastewater permitting for NPDES discharges, including the design of pretreatment systems for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, Authorization to Construct, preparation of applications for industrial wastewater permits, wastewater monitoring, and the identification of Best Available Technology and cost estimation for wastewater treatment feasibility studies.

The senior engineering staff at Duncklee & Dunham has experience in designing, permitting, operating and monitoring of industrial wastewater-treatment systems for a variety of contaminants that include metals, petroleum constituents, suspended and dissolved solids, and other toxic organic and inorganic compounds.

Duncklee & Dunham’s Engineering Director Andrew Rodak has experience in the operation and maintenance of a 30,000-gallon per day (gpd) pretreatment system for wastewater from a zinc/chrome electroplating process. His duties included supervising the technical personnel responsible for daily operation of the system, monitoring system performance through effluent sampling, developing protocols for sampling and maintenance, preparing effluent reports, and designing and permitting expansions and upgrades to the system. He also was responsible for permit compliance and monitoring wastewater discharges from four other facilities as part of his managerial duties.

Our staff has designed wastewater pretreatment systems for fiber-optics manufacturers, textile manufacturers, and correctional institutions to remove solids, oil and grease, and heavy metals from industrial wastewater discharges, and fecal coliform from municipal wastewater discharges. Our treatment-design experience has included technologies such as ion exchange, oil/water separation, flocculant formation and gravity settling, ultraviolet light and chemical disinfection, and solids removal through filtration and reverse osmosis. We have designed wastewater treatment systems for vehicle-maintenance activities at military bases in North Carolina and correctional institutions for the North Carolina Department of Corrections.